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About us

The foundations of Poliform are based on a know-how culture, work ethic and entrepreneurial vision, combined with technical knowledge and mastery in design. A heritage that lives and thrives in Poliform today.
Poliform production is the result of long-standing collaborations with renowned international designers, fully realized in the seven company owned plants all located in the territory of Brianza on the outskirts of Milan.


Timeless elegance and technical excellence. Poliform’s design philosophy is embodied in furniture and systems linked by a unique and recognisable aesthetic appeal.



In the Research&Development department, architects and engineers work on new projects and design solutions with the creative input of partner designers. It is no coincidence that Poliform’s most representative projects have always been systems, complex projects that require a great deal of technological and typological research.


Design always goes hand in hand with research into trends and a meticulous selection of materials and finishes, in accordance with an idea of style that expresses its character and uniqueness in the harmony of the tones, the elegance of the combinations and the quality of the tactile experience.


We operate ethically and responsibly, both towards our community, caring for the quality of the workplace and the satisfaction of our employees, as well as towards the environment, selecting processes and materials that respect natural resources.
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Poliform is an international company with a global dimension. A company in constant growth, now present in 85 countries worldwide thanks to an enlightened and strategic entrepreneurial vision and a style that speaks an international and contemporary language.



Points of sale


Monobrand stores



Poliform London has three distinct yet united teams that work harmoniously in our two showrooms to provide our end-clients the ideal furnishing and interiors, from our retail team to our bespoke team and our contract team.
We work with clients, architects, developers, and interior designers to reflect a particular lifestyle through our furniture, and to create aesthetically pleasing, functional and elegant spaces. Our team can collaborate on a project from conception to completion thanks to our in-house installers and dedicated after-sales service.

Our design philosophy is ensued in every project we take on; the cultured and contemporary beauty, timeless elegance, and technical excellence that Poliform is known for is embodied in each detail we produce to create a recognisable aesthetic appeal.
Together with design, our research and development team in Italy works closely with our London-based designers to ensure that each project, no matter how complex, is produced with the best technology and materials.